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Adventures of Dominique Görlitz and ABORA IV to read up

[Translate to English:] Referent Dr. Görlitz auf seinem Schiff, der Abora

Online the Global Topspeaker and experimental archaeologist Dr. Dominique Görlitz has been active for months and describes the sea expedition with the ABORA IV. Now fans of the ABORA IV expedition will soon be able to inform themselves about the adventurous and thrilling history project in book form.

The book “Argonauts of the Stone Age” will be presented to the public for the first time at the opening of the new ABORA IV special exhibition in the Pfaennerhall Braunsbedra (Saxony-Anhalt) on April 7, 2020. Later the book will also be published in Turkish: for the more than 230.000 expected visitors of the exhibition in Patara.

The new work of the scientist Dr. Görlitz is expected to be published by Weltbuch Verlag Dresden and will be produced by the well-known children’s book specialist SachsenDruck Plaun. Thus, the special wishes of Dr. Dominique Görlitz for the layout and design of a large format illustrated book can be realized extensively. In a special print on A3 format, the adventures of the “Agronauts of the Stone Age” and the trip with the reed boat ABORA IV can be read soon.

Supplementary QR codes to the countless video links and an ABORA IV DVD create an interactive experience together with the book, so that you can experience the fascinating sea voyage of the ABORA IV with all your senses.

Interested parties can make a reservation via the website, as a first edition of 500 copies is planned.

Global Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz is a hands-on experimental archaeologist with a great penchant for adventure. The lectures of the speaker Dr. Görlitz inspire with exciting film clips and pictures, which underline the great team effort of the ABORA crew. In his multimedia presentations he shows how to keep motivation on a small ship during a mission lasting several weeks or how to deal with crisis situations and changes.