New talk by Boris N. Konrad: How diversity increases our innovativeness

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad ist Neurowissenschaftler, Gedächtnisprofi und Trainer.

When there’s talk of diversity in business and politics, then it’s mostly in connection with the reduction of prejudices and an open-minded approach to other cultures, religions and ways of life. In the working environment, diversity has even more, still underestimated potential for companies, however. This is what brain researcher and Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad now demonstrates in a new, trendsetting presentation. Holding a doctorate in neuroscience, he knows exactly what happens in our minds when we are working with others – with impressive results.

In his presentation titled „Why diversity is crucial for innovation and learning“, Boris Nikolai Konrad summarises current studies in neuroscience. He illustrates how diversity stimulates our memory and improves our brain power. By combining brain research and business expertise, the fascinating lecturer and keynote speaker explains the impact this has on the day-to-day business of a company. He explicitly stresses how important diversity is for companies with regard to the development of their employees’ memory. For only those who approach other people with an open mind are also open to new problem solutions, innovation strategies and changes. In companies with a homogeneous workforce, on the other hand, such competences wither away and, ultimately, any further development as well.

Boris Nikolai Konrad’s new presentation approaches the topic „diversity“ from a whole new perspective: Based on his neuroscientific glimpse into our minds, he explains the competitive advantages of those companies that live diversity and deliberately put together teams accordingly.

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