Presentations: Boris Konrad on brain research and AI

Bei den Seminaren mit Konrad geht es um Lerntechniken und Gehirnjogging.

Actually, Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad, PhD, is well-known from being the super brain in his entertaining shows for memory training. In his two new presentations „Future brain – How technology changes our thinking” and „Artificial Intelligence – Will we stay ahead of Robots?“, he strikes out in a new direction but at the same time remains faithful to the humorous way of presenting he puts on stage as science slammer and keynote speaker. As a brain researcher and computer scientist, he makes science tangible and gives amazing insights into the status quo of research.

As an insider of current brain research, Boris Nikolai Konrad illustrates in his presentation „Future brain“, which findings and developments will influence our everyday life in the future. Companies will also make use of this newly acquired knowledge on our brain and adapt their business models accordingly. The neuroscientist and holder of a doctorate gives important impetus and inspiring recommendations on what kind of timely preparations companies should make on that account.

Konrad‘s other new presentation „Artificial intelligence“ is about the question: Will we stay smarter than the robots? He examines the risks of artificial intelligence as well as its potential. He demonstrates how companies in different industries can use the information gained by Big Data as a strategic advantage and in which sectors of everyday life artificial intelligence is already playing a decisive role.

With his new presentations, Boris Nikolai Konrad adds two interesting and visionary topics to his stage programme. Both presentations take the audience on an exciting journey to the future of the brain and the future of artificial intelligence.

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