Ilja Grzeskowitz at the Global Speakers Summit in New Zealand

Ilja Grzeskowitz ist als Change-Experte auf dem Global Speaker Summit.

Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz - „Mr Change“ – has recently been among the participants of this year’s Global Speakers Summit (GSS) in Auckland/New Zealand. The world-renowned event takes place every four years and is organised by the National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ). It can be compared to a World Championship of professional speakers. The NSANZ was founded in 1994 and is the third oldest Professional Speaking Association in the world. Guests from 21 countries joined in. Ilja Grzeskowitz was the only German to speak on the main stage.

With his presentation „Making a Difference - How to go from Zero to Hero as a Professional Speaker“, the change expert convinced the enthusiastic audience. Still under the impression of the event, Ilja Grzeskowitz says: „To me, the Global Speakers Summit was a great enrichment. The professional exchange with leading experts from all over the world also is networking on the highest international level, of course. My personal highlight, however, was holding my keynote in front of 250 global experts. Thinking of the moment when the audience honoured me with standing ovations when I was leaving the stage still gives me goosebumps.”

For years now, the renowned Global Topspeaker has been successfully taking his audience on a fascinating journey into the unknown regarding change. In a lively and practical way, Ilja Grzeskowitz points out the impact of change. In his experience, change doesn’t come from the outside. It always comes from within the human being and describes one’s attitude. Leaving one’s personal comfort zone is a prerequisite, however. According to the former top manager Ilja Grzeskowitz, true change begins with oneself. The combination of will, motivation and „being in the flow“ is the decisive stimulus of all change. Therefore, „From Zero to Hero“ is not just an empty phrase to the keynote speaker but an example for what is possible. Watch Ilja Grzeskowitz’s brilliant appearance at the Global Speakers Summit in New Zealand right here in this video.

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