De Hoop and Konrad inspired at the TEDx Talk in Den Helder

Richard de Hoop und Boris Nikolai Konrad bei der TedX.

„Both sides of the story“ – was the motto of the second TEDx Talk in the Dutch city of Den Helder. The presentations by both of the Global Topspeakers, Richard de Hoop and Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad, perfectly matched the motto of the event. They illustrated two wonderful characteristics of the human being: On the one hand, the ability to learn to deal with the imponderables of life and on the other, the ability to train one’s memory.

The Dutch motivation coach Richard de Hoop had a home game in the navy city of Den Helder, so to speak, and put his presentation in the context of society’s increasing digitisation. He asked about the presence of happiness in the future. In his opinion, resilience - i.e. the ability to use crises as opportunities for personal development and for increasing one’s endurance - is an essential characteristic in order to jointly counter stress and burnout and to shape a bright future. With his engaging presentation, entertainer de Hoop moved his audience to standing ovations.

In his presentation, memory trainer Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad - who is German but also lives in the Netherlands with his family – pointed out the enormous opportunities for learning that target-oriented memory training provides and indicated ways of systematically integrating such trainings into school and work.

A total of 16 top class speakers made their appearance at the TEDx Talk in Den Helder and were each granted a 12 minute time span to convey their topic.

The event was very popular: 750 guests attended.

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