Internet expert Tim Cole addresses Malu Dreyer and Brigitte Zypries

Journalist and expert over web 2.0 Tim Cole

When industry meets politics to jointly discuss digitisation, then one Global Topspeaker is in particular demand: Tim Cole, IT and networks expert. Now, the well-known journalist has addressed top-ranking politicians Malu Dryer, Prime Minister of the German State of Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Brigitte Zypries at a Congress held by the University of Mainz.

On the occasion of the event „rlp vernetzt – Unternehmen im digitalen Umbruch (Rhineland-Palatinate interconnected – companies in times of digital change“), he delivered a so-called Wake-up Call and literally shook up the audience with his keynote on digital transformation. However, when asked about the significance of his speech, Tim Cole said: „I remain optimistic and in my lectures addressing mid-sized companies and the board members of large international corporations, my message will always be positive: Digital transformation offers huge opportunities to redefine yourself and your company and to shape up for a digitally connected future! However, there are downsides as well and those need to be named and addressed.“

Being an experienced speaker, Tim Cole pointed out the opportunities and risks of the digital change to the attending social democratic politicians Dreyer and Zypries. While doing so, he drew numerous parallels to the era of the Wild West – a short period in the history of the US that stands for violence and lawlessness. According to Cole, the internet, being a legal vacuum to some extent, is still in such a kind of early stage. In his Wake-up Call, the internet journalist therefore urgently requested to have a legal basis established for the WWW within the coming years, which will be valid all over the world and will provide users and consumers with the required protection. He pointed out to his audience: „If we continue as before, we will remain stuck in the Wild West.“ In his new presentation „Digital transformation: Learn from the Wild West for the future“ speaker Tim Cole illustrates that sometimes you need to look to the past in order to understand the future. The internet expert is also a renowned author, his latest work is called "Digital Enlightenment Now!".

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