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ABORA IV has set sail

Experimental archaeologist and Gloabl Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz has set sail with his ABORA IV expedition on August 16th at 4pm form the yachtclub Varna in Bulgary.

The mission: to travel across the Black Sea, Istanbul, Athene and Crete to Alexandria and prove thereby that already the old Egypt’s transported materials like steel across the sea from the Blach Sea to Egypt.

On the 6th of August the ABORA IV Crew remembered the completion of the boat on the Bolivian national holiday. The export of the sheds and reed turned out to be trickier than expected because of custom and bureaucratic related difficulties.

That’s why the ABORA IV Crew decided to start the expedition on the 16th of August.

Nevertheless, the experimental archaeologist Dr. Dominique Görlitz is very excited: On the 11th of August the ABORA IV set sail for the first time to test the square sail. The crew made huge effort to make this happen. Until the last 30 minutes before the start the ABORA IV Crew worked on the boat.

Any small difficulties will be solved until the start, last works will be finished and the provision will be stored safely.

A huge moment for Dr. Dominique Görlitz and the ABORA IV Crew!

Global Topspeaker Dr. Dominique Görlitz graduated at the University of Erlangen in the filed of prehistoric cultural exchange. The lectures of Dr. Görlitz excite with interesting movie clips and pictures of his extraordinary project ABORA. In his lectures he shows how to deal with crisis situations and stay calm in the time of change.