5 Sterne Redner

EXTENDED 4.0 – 5 Sterne Redner magazine goes into round four

After three successful issues of the magazine “extended – Wissen begeister” the high-quality magazine convinces in 2019 with articles of well-known Keynote Speakers. The authors of this years extended are top speakers like futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky, fitness expert Patric Heizmann, Changemaker Ilja Grzeskowitz, Best-Ager expert Alexander Wild, motivational trainer Steve Kroeger and professional sailor Dominik Neidhart.

On 62 pages the speakers of the speakers agency 5 Sterne Redner give insights into topics like future, health and change. The exciting articles refer to the main topic: Breaking the rules more often. How to become more successful.

For the first time “extended” convinces with editorial articles on highly-topical issues like digitalisation, diversity, fake news and generation Z.

“As a speaker's agency we take the topic of breaking the rules from time to time very serious and implemented this mentality into our company philosophy. Only the ones who break the rules inspire and change something. That’s why we decided on this striking topic,” says Heinrich Kürzeder, owner of the speaker’s agency 5 Sterne Redner. “The ‘extended’ contains many articles of our successful speakers, who are best practice examples for rule breaking.”

The fourth edition of the magazine “extended – Wissen begeistert” can be ordered of the speakers agency 5 Sterne Redner or be downloaded for free here.