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Fair Play medal for U21-national coach Stefan Kuntz

Because he didn’t use a technical glitch at the U-21 European Championship 2018 for his own advantage and forewent to see the video footage of his opponent, the DFB conferred Stefan Kuntz, national coach of the U21 national team, the Fair Play medal 2019.

It would have been possible to rewatch the pre-match training of his preliminary’s opponent Denmark. By this he would have had some advantage in preparing his team for the tournament. But Global Topspeaker Stefan Kuntz chose Fair Play “… not only preach and request Fair Play, but also exemplify it.” His message to the DFB: “If we would not achieved it without the video material, we definitely would not have deserved to succeed.” It is rather important for the football expert und European champion of 1996 to pass on the right values to a younger generation.

Last weekend, the honour in the Capitol Theatre in Düsseldorf had to take place without Stefan Kuntz. He already prepared the U 21 national team for the European Championship qualifying game against Belgium.

The 5 Sterne Team congratulates Stefan Kuntz to his award.

The Saarlander knows big successes but also seeming hopeless situations. Despite defeats his willpower gave Stefan Kuntz again and again new chances. Stefan Kuntz gives authentic and convincing examples in his lectures, which explain and compare the mechanisms of football teams and business teams. He definitely knows the best tricks that will work on the green grass and in the business world. With thrilling stories of his moving football player life, the charismatic Keynote Speaker perfects his enjoyable lectures.