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Futurologist Jenzowsky sees the European automotive industry threatened

Next to electrification there is another very important trend which will influence the mobility of the future immensely: The conversion to autonomous driving. Nevertheless, is seems like the German automotive industry underestimated the speed of the digital revolution and missed the conversion already. This change is not only a threat for classic car sale. The entire automotive industry is affected: From suppliers up to the interieur designer. Most car manufacturers are still shocked by the fast conversion but need to change their business models as soon as possible.

Global Topspeaker and managing director of 2b AHEAD Ventures Stefan Jenzowsky is a founder and manager himself in the field of autonomous driving and is convinced that the automotive industry has to change. He deals with the development of new technologies in his StartUps and gains interesting aspects in the technological progress with Google, Tesla and Co. “If the corporations don’t start acting now and remove their shock-induces paralysis, I don’t see a bright future for them,” says the Global Topspeaker. The disruptive technologies in the field of autonomous driving will develop exponential and destroy notorious business models.

“The automotive manufacturers und suppliers need to recognize the enormous potential – for the society, for safety reasons and for the business location Europe,” says Jenzowsky. The successful speaker also glances over the steering wheel and thematizes in his informative lectures the automotive industry as a whole. His lectures show how established companies could cooperate with StartUps to maintain the needed innovative leaps and establish digital skills in their company.