Trend index by futurologist Carl: Difficult times for HR

Wie sieht unsere Zukunft aus? Zukunftsforscher Michael Carl kennt die Antwort.

On the occasion of the Enabling Transformation Congress, 2b AHEAD ThinkTank has recently presented the trend index for the second half of 2017. With a value of 145, the index describes the mood regarding trends and innovations as highly positive in German-speaking countries. The budgets and teams for innovations within the companies are growing. A trend index value of 100 would correspond to constant budgets for innovation and constant team sizes. The survey, which takes place on a regular basis, is based on questioning a panel of 166 experts in the German-speaking business world.

The survey is headed by futurologist and Managing Director Research & Consulting of 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, Michael Carl. The Global Topspeaker commented the results of the survey as follows: „The hot topics of big data analyses and predictive analytics for a better understanding of the customers remain highly relevant in all industries.“ The main focus in terms of innovation is shifting in the companies, however: „By now, every eighth company is concentrating on disruptive innovations and is determined to bring about radical change in its own markets”, says Michael Carl. „This is a formative minority. 75 per cent of the companies solely invest in incremental innovations. They might be completely unprepared for the radical change in their own industry.“

The studies also showed that HR is at a crossroads. More than three quarters of those questioned expect artificial intelligence systems to have a strong influence on HR, in particular in the areas of personnel and skills acquisition. Futurologist Michael Carl on that: „The experts anticipate the benefits of artificial intelligence to be right where the continuous assessment of the individual employee’s personality is concerned. In this traditional field of personnel development management, technology will become superior to humans.“ In addition, more than half of the participants expressed their expectation that by 2027, the HR department will no longer provide a service that no other department could provide just as well. The Global Topspeaker therefore comes to the conclusion: „HR work will no longer be unique. Seen from this perspective, HR loses its unique selling propositions."
You may read the trnd index here (in German).

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