Understanding and learning to guide the Generation Y with Sven Enger

Unternehmer und Finanzexperte Sven Enger

Companies are facing a generation change in their staffs. Digital natives, seekers of meaning or simply „Generation Y“ do not only work to live but are also looking for meaning and a wide range of development opportunities. With their requirements, they turn previous personnel management strategies upside down and challenge executives to take a new direction. Bosses increasingly need to fulfil coaching functions and be more of mentors than supervisors.

In his new presentation „Seekers of meaning: How the generation Y is changing the working world”, Global Topspeaker and entrepreneur Sven Enger provides executives with hands-on advice on understanding the motivation and goals culture of their employees. No matter whether analogue or fully digital, the key to success in leading intergenerational teams is in a balanced ratio of all employee groups and tolerance for their different needs.

Sven Enger also demonstrates that the digital natives’ image of life and work is accompanied by modifications and changes in the digital infrastructure of companies. If flexibility, flat hierarchies, feedback mechanisms and personal responsibility are expected, it’s the companies’ responsibility to implement the respective digital tools and to adapt their management culture – towards digital leadership.

Entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker Sven Enger studied economics and business psychology - as human beings and their actions already interested the business graduate back then. Apart from topics such as motivation, change, corporate and sociological structures, the Global Topspeaker has also been dealing with digital change and its implications for the working world and society for some years now. For the experienced manager, these components represent „Industrialisation 4.0“. It’s a process that is evolutionary and irreversible.

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