Motivational Speaker Ronny Leber has his own profile on Global Topspeakers

Motivator Ronny Leber.

The inspiring Global Topspeaker, Motivator and certified Anthony-Robbins-Trainer Ronny Leber is now also listed on Global Topspeakers with an international profile in English language.

He astonished over four million people with magical moments at multiple different events in all scales and helped groups and big teams to gain more enthusiasm, motivation and goal attainment.

Leber convinces as a speaker and Keynote-Speaker domestic and abroad. He lectures either in his mother tongue German or in English. His English speaker profile is now online for international requests.

Sport scientist and business economist Ronny Leber is very experienced in working with the best speakers of the sports industry, like former Football-Player Tom Brady or the former professional tennis player Thomas Muster from Austria and Alexander Zverev from Germany. He also held lectures in front of the international coach Anthony Robbins.

Ronny Leber’s mantra: To connect people through emotions and to achieve more together. He transfers his mantra on his audience in a thrilling and inspiring way.

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