Sylvie di Giusto honoured for her work a president of NSA

Portraitbild von 5 Sterne Rednerin Sylvie Di Giusto

Global Topspeaker and Coach for personality-development Sylvie di Giusto recently got honoured with he “Ron Volper Presidential Service Award 2018-2019” of the National Speakers Association (NSA). With this honouring the NSA highlights the accomplishments of the Global Topspeaker and CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) for being president of the New Yorker department of the most influential speaker organisation in the world. Sylvie di Giusto is one of the most requested international Keynote Speakers and spin doctors for several years.

The National Speakers Association, founded in 1973, is the biggest of 13 international associations which are part of the Global Speakers Federation. The speaker organisation supports professional speakers with their PR and with networking. Additionally, the NSA offers training and mentoring programs and pays attention to the strict compliance of their quality standards. Sylvie di Giusto is going to support the annual international congress “Influence 2020” and functions as a co-organizer.

The knowhow and expertise of the Global Topspeaker is in demand when it comes to re-positioning personalities, employees or people in general. The Global Topspeaker helps leaders, politicians and celebrities with defining their image and supports them during realization so they can unfold their whole potential. Thereby Sylvie di Giusto enable people to create their own and unique label and leaves her own professional fingerprint.

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