Global Topspeaker Steve Cadigan launches ISDI Digital University

Thought Leader Steve Cadigan

Steve Cadigan, accomplished Global Topspeaker, renowned founder of Silicon Valley-based Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC and sought-after advisor on talent, culture and change management has recently co-founded Silicon Valley’s new ISDI Digital University where, starting this spring, he will promote the first Master of Internet Degree (MIB) in the United States.

Other MBA schools may offer bits and pieces on this subject but with ISDI Digital University, Steve Cadigan succeeded in providing the first holistic and in-depth curriculum to equip students with the comprehensive skills required by today’s digital professionals. In a real-world educational setting and within a period of nine months, some of Silicon Valley’s top tech and business masterminds will relay to the next generation of digital leaders all about real-world application, the strategies behind growth, industry-leading and much more.

Being a talent leader in Silicon Valley and a trusted advisor to a multitude of private and public sector enterprises such as Andreesen Horowitz, Google or Twitter – to mention only a few -, Global Topspeaker Steve Cadigan is well aware of the fact that there’s a large demand for highly skilled digital professionals and at ISDI Digital University, he is looking forward to preparing the future Masters of Internet Business for the challenges of the digital economy.

The Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education already authorised ISDI Digital University to operate and to provide a Master’s Degree program. After the graduation of the first class, the new university will be entitled to accreditation and intends to apply for it.

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