Famous around the world: International success for Global Topspeakers

5 Sterne Redner wird immer internationaler. pixabay © CCO Public Domain2

Whether it’s lecture events on speaker’s platforms all over the world or multi-lingual translations of their successful books – the Global Topspeakers are well-known and suc-cessful far beyond the borders of Germany as well. Consequently, they often travel miles and miles and gain unique international expertise as speakers and authors. 

Being one of Germany’s most famous futurologists, speaker Sven Gabor Janszky has been in demand globally for some time now. A speaker’s assignment in Moscow on one day, in Rome on another – the schedule of the experienced keynote speaker continues to fill up with events all over the world. Only a while ago, he travelled to four countries - Russia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany - within only six days to hold his presentations.

Recently, the outstanding motivation coach Steve Kroeger also had to pack his bags! The mountain climber and speaker had to travel to the AIRBUS Group Leadership University in France. On the occasion of a training program for executives and employees, he held a motivational speech on “Leadership – Success factors in time of change“. „Wow – I am really impressed“, is what he said about the aircraft company’s amazing event program. However, Steve Kroeger is continuously on the move anyway: In the frame of his „7 Summits Family“ project, he and his family are living in a caravan for a year and are currently on tour through all of Europe.

The international book markets also keep a keen eye on the publications of the Global Topspeakers: Publishing houses abroad, for instance, have recently bought the rights to brain researcher Boris Nikolai Konrad’s successful book “Alles nur in meinem Kopf” (All just in my head) and are currently having it translated. The guidebook by the neurosci-entist will be published in Italian and Russian in about a year. The Chinese book market is particularly interested in Dominic Multerer’s works. „Klartext. Sagen, was Sache ist. Machen, was weiterbringt“ (Straightforward. Speak your mind clearly. Do what brings you forward) has been available in bookshops there since September. Now the marketing expert’s second book „Marken müssen bewusst Regeln brechen, um anders zu sein“ (Brands must consciously break the rules to be different) will follow. Motivation coach Richard de Hoop can be proud, too: His book on teambuilding „Spitzenteams der Zukunft – So spielen Virtuosen zusammen“ (Top teams of the future – This is how virtuosos play together) will also be published in China.

In the meantime, Christa Kinshofer’s Wikipedia entry has been translated into nine languages. As of late, the worldwide online encyclopaedia also provides information in Rus-sian on the career of the successful skier and Olympic medal winner as well as on her current career as international motivation coach and speaker on sports marketing.

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