10 shifts to a build a Startup culture

Picture: Sahar Hashemi

Global Topspeaker Sahar Hashemi transformed the UK highstreet. She founded Coffee Republic, UK’s first US style coffee bar chain with her brother. She built one of UK’s most recognised high street brands. In 2005 Sahar Hashemi started Skinny Candy, producing guilt-free sweets – her second high profile brand. She was called ‘Pioneer to the life of the nation’ by Her Majesty The Queen and Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos. Sahar Hashemi was also named one of 100 most influential women in Great Britain by Daily Mail and 35 top women in UK’s business by Management Today.

Therefore, Sahar Hashemi knows how the whole Startup culture works. It doesn’t surprise that she collected her knowledge and put it into a book. In “Startup Forever” she narrowed down her lessons learned to ten easy applicable shifts on how to approach everyday work with an entrepreneurial mind-set. She answers questions like: How can we grow big but act small and how to encourage innovative thinking. Hashemi also encourages the reader to be more agile facing disruptive change. The leadership expert manages to underline her own experiences in a humorous and passionate way. This book teaches big companies a lesson on how to learn from Startups.

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