Ilja Grzeskowitz : Keynote at speakers’ convention in Singapore

Ilja Grzeskowitz ist der Experte für Changemanagement.

At the beginning of May, change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz had the unique opportunity to be one of the international keynote speakers at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention (APSC) 2017 in Singapore. An honour only bestowed on the best of the best in the speaking industry as the APS Convention is the largest speakers’ conference in Asia.

In his inspiring keynote and in line with the convention’s motto “Worldclass”, the charismatic Global Topspeaker pointed out to his audience what it really takes to become a worldclass speaker: namely CHANGE! Being a renowned expert on change, Ilja Grzeskowitz knows perfectly well what he’s talking about and so it’s for good reason that he is considered to be “Germany’s # 1 Change Expert”. In his presentation, he therefore also advised the attending speakers, coaches and facilitators from all over the world to stop marketing and start building relationships.

With the convention also being a great platform for getting to know new fellow-speakers and meeting old ones again, it’s no wonder that the acclaimed Global Topspeaker and highly successful author of numerous books on change such as "Think it. Do it. Change it." and change management considered the event in Asia to have been a particularly inspiring experience. Change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz commented: “It was a real privilege to be able to exchange ideas with 28 amazing colleagues from 9 different countries, to learn from each other and to improve together”.

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