Oh-Yeah-Buzzer by Ilja Grzeskowitz: Motivation at the touch of a button

Motivation auf Knopfdruck mit dem Oh Yeah Buzzer von Ilja Grzeskowitz

What is small, round, can be pressed and says: „Oh Yeah”? The latest motivation buzzer by Global Topspeaker Ilja Grzeskowitz! It’s the international version of the highly successful „Au Ja” buzzer by Germany’s no. 1 change expert. The brilliant button is used whenever the enthusiasm for an activity is waning. At that moment, simply press it, listen and be inspired!

For our success and our contentment, it is vital to bring our motivation curve back up time and again. And you may definitely get help doing so. The yellow buzzer is just the right tool. It should not be missing on any desk and can easily be brought along, too – for the motivation kick on the road.

It’s quite human to occasionally drift from course, motivation-wise. Although we might be all fired up about a project, our indolence gets the better of us anyway and our attention dwindles. In that case, it’s a good thing to have a helpful tool at hand. As an expert for change management, Grzeskowitz knows perfectly well that we sometimes have to outsmart ourselves – when we go from „Yes, I can“ to „Yes, but“ or „Maybe“. And in such cases, the Oh-Yeah buzzer will get us back on track.

The change specialist has already won a lot of fans with his Au-ja buzzer. With the brand-new motivation button, he now even upped the ante. The Oh-Yeah buzzer is the perfect choice for self-motivation purposes or as a present for friends, family and business partners! Get your copy of the Oh-Yeah-Buzzer here.

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