Soccer World Cup 2018: Successful squad planning with Stefan Kuntz

Stefan Kuntz Profilbild.

A team is more than the sum of its members. It’s a living organism with a strong momentum. This applies to professional soccer as well, of course. Like no other, Global Topspeaker Stefan Kuntz knows how to put together a successful team. In 1996, he made soccer history with his legendary equaliser against England which not only advanced the German team to the European Championship finals but ultimately won them the title. Kuntz knows both sides in equal measure: the player’s but also the coach’s side. Nowadays, he uses the experience gained on the soccer pitch for a different kind of playing field as well: corporate development. For this is exactly what it’s all about in business: How do I put together a first-class team to achieve top performance?

The quad planning for the Soccer World Cup in June also requires careful deliberations regarding what players shall become part of the team of 23. Thanks to his experience as the coach of the German U21 National Team, Stefan Kuntz knows perfectly well how to recognise, recruit and permanently motivate talents. For only when the players commit to the game long-term, there’s a chance for victory.

In June 2017, Stefan Kuntz led the German U21 National Team to the European Championship title after only being their coach for ten months. The coach and keynote speaker knows the answers to the questions companies and their executives as well as sports teams and their coaches have to deal with: How to motivate individuals to surpass themselves day after day? How to bring fun to and instil commitment in the troop? Not to forget interpersonal relationships. It simply has “to click” and for that, not only an excellent knowledge of human nature is required but also a perfect gut feeling. This is what Stefan Kuntz proved in a highly impressive way when putting together his U21 team. In his inspiring presentations, he is therefore able to build a solid bridge from soccer to business.

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