Speaker Richard de Hoop: Back with new lecture after taking a timeout

Motivation coach Richard de Hoop from Holland

After a period of absence, the Global Topspeaker Team is happy to welcome back Richard de Hoop to the circle of Global Topspeakers!

Following a personal tragedy, Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop, together with his wife, took some time off and spent three months in Thailand, Bali and Australia. During this time, Richard de Hoop recharged the batteries, designed the new keynote "Trust & Resilience – Your company's business card" and also caught up with some international contacts. In Australia, for instance, he met with Lindsay Adams, a former president of the PSA (Professional Speakers Australia) for a valuable exchange on the special characteristics of the speaker business over here and Down Under. Keynote speaker Richard de Hoop also had a meeting with the CEO of a well-known Dutch bank to sound out possible options for a series of lectures in Australia.

Recently, Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop has returned to Europe and as of now is available to his audience again for his captivating keynotes on music and team building!

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