Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad ist Neurowissenschaftler, Gedächtnisprofi und Trainer.

Goed nieuws from our Global Topspeaker Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad: Only published recently in our neighbouring country, the Dutch edition of the current book by the brain researcher and memory trainer has already hit the bestseller list in the first week of its publication.

The bestseller „De geheimen van ons geheugen“ (The secrects of our brain) ranks 53rd in the Netherlands, right between the new thriller by Dan Brown and the Italian cookbook by Jamie Oliver. In a scientifically sound and at the same time highly entertaining way, the neuroscientist and holder of a doctorate degree explains how our memory works and how we can remember information better and faster. Boris Nikolai Konrad himself has perfected the techniques and exercises required to do so: He currently holds the world record in memorising names and on TV, he is known as “Germany’s super brain”.

His presentations provide a good insight as well and what’s more, a considerable learning effect. In his capacity as an expert on brain research and memory, the Global Topspeaker put together a unique memory training for his audience. Those who also use it in everyday life and at work will, for instance, be able to better remember the names of business clients or can keep presentations from meetings in mind.

The effect of his lectures is definitely a lasting one and will stay on your mind – or as they would say in The Netherlands: veel meer dan je denkt (more than you think)!

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