Global Topspeaker Carl: New trend study on the future of banking

"Wer für die Zukunft vorbereitet sein will, muss jetzt handeln."

RegTech, robo-advisors, fraud detection: The new trend study by Global Topspeaker Michael Carl is full of technical terms and new technologies, since the renowned futurologist has analysed the future of banking. The results of the study, however, do not only imply major changes for the entire financial sector, but for the individual private customer with a checking account as well.

The current trend study was published by 2b AHEAD ThinkTank – Germany’s leading future research institute, headed by Michael Carl as Managing Director Research & Consulting. The strategy expert and sought-after keynote speaker also deals with this topic in his presentation titled „The future of money and payments“. In the recently published analysis, he takes a look at the years up to 2030 and especially at the defining technologies that will be used in banking.

Technology group Apple has also taken the first step in this direction these days by making their digital payment service Apple Pay available on the German market now, too - thus providing a means for cashless, mobile payment. In the future, however, digitisation will have an even greater impact on how society will deal with money: When it comes to their finances, private customers will then mainly rely on the advice of digital robo-advisors instead of on human finance consultants. Global Topspeaker Michael Carl sees this as a technological change in banking from which the private customer business in particular may benefit.

At the same time, however, the introduction of such technical developments requires the collection of immense amounts of data on the communication behaviour, habits and needs of customers. This in turn, necessitates further innovations which solely take care of the protection of such data as well as its evaluation and regulation. For this reason, the experienced speaker Michael Carl states: „Our banking system will become more complex in the future but safer, too”.

Under the following link, you may download the comprehensive trend analysis “The future of banking“ from the homepage of the research facility 2b AHEAD ThinkTank:

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