Harald Psaridis: New profile as network marketing expert

5 Sterne Redner und Führungsexperte Harald Psaridis

With his new profile, Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis now presents himself as THE expert on network marketing. Focusing on this sales scheme, the passionate entrepreneur has opened up a field for fascinating lectures and keynotes in German and English in which he has been working successfully for more than twenty years. In the meantime, Psaridis himself has become one of the most influential networkers: The keynote speaker has built up the largest network marketing company for one of the leading financial groups in Europe.

As an experienced speaker who is in high demand internationally, Harald Psaridis conveys his experience and his insider know-how in a total of four new presentations. The industry expert knows the secrets of network marketing. With his tips, he assists those who want to establish their own network and take the plunge into this special form of direct marketing. Furthermore, he provides his audience with the necessary skills and the proper mindset crucial for being successful in network marketing. This also includes practical and effective exercises to train one’s drive – an essential key factor to keep on building up the network with the motivation required.

In his capacity as a network marketing expert, Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis accompanies the participants of his presentations step by step on their way to becoming a successful networker – from starting up their own network through acquiring the first business partners to becoming a leader who motivates and empowers others for the business concept.

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