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Future to listen to: Podcast Planet.Future from 2b AHEAD

The future visions of Europe’s most innovative trend research institute, the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, can also be heard since early March: in the new podcast Planet.Future on Spotify, Anchor and other platforms.

2bAHEAD CEO and trend researcher Jan Berger, talks about low code in the first episode of the podcast. Never heard of it before? Then let’s listen to Plante.Future! Especially if you are interested in programming and IT. Because Low Code could be a way to supplement or even replace the current text-based programming of apps. Trend researcher Jan Berger explains how low codes uses a visual approach to define the future of software development.

As CEO of 2b AHEAD, Jan Berger, an expert in disruptive business models and futurologist, is concerned with topics such as digital innovations in tomorrow’s working world or questions about the use of artificial intelligence. In addition, the inspiring keynote speaker Jan Berger will examine how social developments such as demographic change and shortage of skilled workers are impacting corporate areas such as HR, recruiting and HR work and what strategic solutions are available to address these issues. Before the future institute 2b AHEAD ThinkTank in Leipzig became his new home, Jan Berger spent many years travelling the world on business and living on various continents, including twelve years in Russia.

Not only in the new podcast Planet.Future, but also in his lectures, Jan Berger presents ground-breaking innovations and reveals the background to social developments and trends.

The 2b AHEAD Podcast Planet.Future can be downloaded from Spotify at the following link: open.spotify.com/show/7opw2PabXGvEIL4COHe7Gk