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Food and Shopping: Trend analysis from futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky

In early May everyone talked about the incredible flotation of “Beyond Meat”. The Start Up produces meat, especially for burgers, out of soja- and pea-proteins. The starting valuation of 1.5 billion US-Dollar was incredible, however the Start Up managed to outweigh itself in only a few hours. The valuation rose to 5 billion US-Dollar and caused speechlessness in the whole food industry.

Sven Gabor Janszky, Europe’s most innovative futurologist and chairman of the 2b AHEAD Think Tank wasn’t surprised at all. In his trend analysis “The future of Eating... and our desire after self-optimisation” the futurologist shows, using the example of “Beyond Meat”, the following changes in the food industry. But he doesn’t bore the reader with burgers: “Beyond Meat” is the perfect example how to adapt to changes in the food industry and that it is no longer a possibility that by 2040 not all 10 billion people will be fed the way they are used to. For that reason, the futurologist presents five pioneering technologies, which will enable food provision in the future. Another interesting topic of the trend analysis is the topic medical food and adaptive eating. By that it will be possible to make our bodies healthier and more efficient. Disease being destiny will no longer be reality. This interesting trend analysis “The future of eating… and our desire after self-optimisation” of the futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky is free to download here.

From food production to food trade: In his newest trend analysis “The future of offline retailers… en route to identity-places” futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky talks about the upcoming changes in offline retailing, which doesn’t only affect food trading. The key to success has to be identity management.

Offline retailers already try to make the step into the future and have the finger on the pulse, but seem to miss the right train in to the future. Extraordinary shopping-experiences are one element of the future in offline retailing but not the basement of it. The solid basement has to be identity. Customers do not visit the organic supermarket to make great experiences but rather to express their own identity. One examples that futurologist Janszky mentions is the organic-market customer: Why does he buy in an organic market? In the end the main aspect will be the wish to be part of the “organic-community”. This active identity management makes offline retailers competitive in the future. Customers want to spend more time at the identity-store and be part of a community. And go shopping besides that. Therefore, every store need identity-workers, identity-products and an identity-myth. This is the strategy for the future. You can download the pioneering trend analysis “The future of offline retailers… en route to identity-places” here.