2b AHEAD ThinkTank with a new prediction on tourism

Zukunftsforum mit Trendforscher Sven Gabor Janzky ©ThomasRosenthal.de2

Recently, the new book „2030 – Wie viel Mensch verträgt die Zukunft“ (How much „human“ can the future take“) by 2b AHEAD ThinkTank was published. In it Sven Gabor Janszky, Global Topspeaker, chairman of Europe’s largest future research institute and president of the Rulebreaker® Society describes how – in the year 2030 – space tourism will develop and get off the ground in the premium range of the “all and sundry” sector. This topic no longer is a utopia as private companies such as SpaceX by Elon Musk are slowly conquering space and the first space tourist on the flight around the moon is making headlines as well.

„Holidays and travelling are the components of our future life that are the most difficult to predict for futurologists. In contrast to technology, housing and working, a much larger number of trend factors plays a role when it comes to holidays“, says futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky who is supported in his work by his colleagues and fellow Global Topspeakers Stefan Jenzowsky, Dr. Michael Carl, Kai Arne Gondlach and Dr. Joerg Wallner. In order to make a valid prediction on the holidays of the year 2030, profound knowledge with regard to the political stability and security situation in the many tourist destinations all over the world is required. This is why the predictions made in „2030 – Wie viel Mensch verträgt die Zukunft“ in terms of tourism are limited to those aspects of holidays and travelling that can be predicted with some accuracy.

The Global Topspeaker is sure that in the future people will travel even more than today. Especially for the young generation travelling to foreign countries and to foreign people will become the most important goal in their everyday life. Sven Gabor Janszky states that the continued development of technologies will also promote the desire to travel. „Furthermore, the cryptocurrencies that can be used anywhere in the world by 2030, will enable every holidaymaker to pay in the respective currency accepted by the other party – without any extra cost for currency exchange“, explains the chairman of 2b AHEAD ThinkTank Sven Gabor Janszky. The book therefore not only is a must for the tourism industry but for many other industries as well.

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