Starting signal for the second 7 CONTINENTS stage of Norman Buecher

The first stage from Berlin to Istanbul was already a complete success. In a few days the starting signal for the 2nd stage of the heart project of Global Topspeaker and endurance runner Norman Buecher will be given. From February 8, 2020, he will run over 1000 kilometres through Asia in 29 days to give children and young people a voice. 7 CONTINENTS is also his longest and probably most extraordinary running expedition.

The 2nd stage of 7 CONTINENTS starts in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Afterwards, the extreme athlete Buecher will be heading towards Northern India and Nepal. On March 1st Norman Buecher will then arrive in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. At this stage, not only the distance of 1000 kilometres is a considerable one, but also the several metres of altitude.

The 2nd stage also brings some innovations: For the first time, endurance runner Norman Bücher will be completely self-sufficient – without an escort vehicle and motorised support. His only constant companions will be his pulling cart an a photographer on his bike. For Buecher, this means that he will carry all his equipment with him. About 20-24 kilograms extra weight. “It is very important to me to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. I am aware that I am flying to Asia, but I want to move around the countries as naturally and environmentally friendly as possible,” says the endurance runner.

During his 2nd running stage of 7 CONTINENTS, the Keynote Speaker of the Speaker Agency Global Topspeaker Norman Buecher wants to meet many children and young people and capture their voices on important issues. In addition, numerous school and youth lectures are planned.