7 CONTINENTS World Tour continues in 2020

In 2019 the endurance runner Norman Buecher launched his heart project 7 CONTINENTS. For over seven years, the extreme sportsman and youth ambassador will be running around the world. He will collect the concerns of children and adolescents in order to present them to the UN General Assembly. 7 CONTINENTS is also his longest and probably most extraordinary running expedition. In 2020, of course, the adventure continues: At the beginning of February, the Global Topspeaker will complete another running stage in Asia for about a month.

He will fly to Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, get to know the culture and visit schools in Dhaka with his youth lecture “7 CONTINENTS – The youth lecture”. Norman Buecher then moves on and the first Asian running stage starts in Bhutan’s capital Timphu. From there, the extreme athlete Norman Buecher runs to the north of India to run along the border of Nepal. Then the run continues into the midland of Nepal to reach Kathmandu in Nepal at the end of the running stage. During his running stage, Norman Buecher wants to get to know as many children and young people as possible and capture their voices on important topics. Numerous school and youth lectures are also planned.

But this won’t be the end of the Asia stage: Towards the end of the year, the endurance runner and youth ambassador Norman Buecher will return to Asia for another stage.

In addition, there is also another innovation on the 7 CONTINENTS website. Soon a blog will launch there, which informs regularly about new projects concerning 7 CONTINENTS and endurance runner Norman Buecher.