Have a flying start with the Be Yourself Academy by Norman Gräter

Have a flying start with the Be Yourself Academy by Norman Gräter

From now on, motivational speaker, inspirer and author Norman Gräter will share his experiences with all those who want to realise their life’s goals: at the „Be Yourself Academy“ founded by him. There, speakers acquire the tools of the trade necessary to prepare enthralling and inspiring presentations or to fine-tune their performances for continued success. The academy assists executives in delivering their presentations with confidence and thus generating commercial success. In Life Coaching, the participants will learn how to bring the five juggling balls of life – job, family, friends, health and spirit – in line. Promoting strengths and realising life goals without any confining templates or strait jackets but by means of individuality and emotions – that’s the concept of Norman Gräter’s Be Yourself Academy.

The two-and-a-half day speaker’s training provided by the Be Yourself Academy leads to the development of an individual speaking style and a key to captivate the audience. The training concludes with a certificate and a ready-to-use 20-minute presentation. A maximum of three participants can look forward to individual consulting and support by at least two coaches as well as feedback and analyses, styling tips and a lot of practical knowledge provided by Global Topspeaker Norman Gräter. Furthermore, the participants will get follow-up support for a period of 6 months during which Gräter will watch video recordings of their performances and provide them with feedback. Thus, the inspirer will make sure that the acquired skills are implemented in the best and most sustainable way possible.

Motivational speaker Norman Gräter’s presentation coaching helps executives to present their brand and their company in such a convincing and confident way that it gives rise to real enthusiasm in the audience. The training is oriented towards an upcoming presentation and thus offers quick and precise help. It is being conducted anywhere and at any time. Feedback and personal counselling by Norman Gräter is an integral part of this offer by the Be Yourself Academy as well.

The Be Yourself Academy’s Life Coaching is suited for “your best life”. In ten individual one-hour sessions, inspirer Norman Gräter provides his participants with ideas that will help them to lead a happier, more fulfilled and more successful life.

Global Topspeaker Norman Gräter is an expert on setting targets and presenting efficiently and looks back on more than twenty years of experience in the entertainment and event business. He started his professional career with marbet, the live communication agency of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. In 2004, he was involved in the establishment of the marbet Entertainment Unit in Berlin and then was in charge there for the duration of two years; by the end of 2015, he was responsible for the entire entertainment sector in Künzelsau.

The motivational speaker Norman Gräter has worked with many popular personalities such as Anastacia, Desmond Tutu, the Cirque du Soleil or David Garrett. He completed further professional training in the areas of presentation, presentation techniques, dramaturgy, motivation, leadership, communication, NLP, NLS and body language in London amongst others.

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