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Opportunities of the Corona Crisis: Lecture from the Home Office to the USA

Give a lecture in the U.S. from your home office in Germany? No problem for Global Topspeaker Boris Nikolai Konrad. Actually he should have flown to the U.S. for the award ceremony of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and inspired the audience there with his exciting lecture about memory. The Corona crisis has put a damper on this project. However, Boris Nikolai Konrad and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society have recognized the chance of this crisis and let the event take place online.

“Within a few weeks, the team of the organizing association, with the help of technology partners and speakers, turned a complete convention for around 4,000 participants from online to offline and resold the tickets rather than giving them away. Initially planned as a hybrid event, this was also not feasible due to the curfews in the U.S. and it became a purely online event. Anyone who now thinks of long video sequences is wrong,” the memory world champion reported enthusiastically after the event. Unfortunately, hybrid and online events are still the exception in the German-speaking world, but the Corona crisis has rightly attracted more attention to this sort of event. And the neuroscientist knows that the technology for this type of event is there!

Boris Nikolai Konrad has a clear opinion on hybrid and online events: “Although I remain personally convinced that especially in the congress sector, personal meetings always have an added value over pure online events, I also assume that hybrid solutions will remain with us after the crisis and will carry online meetings through the time of restrictions! Because it is also true: Whoever simply cancels everything now misses out on many opportunities! Opportunities for exchange, interaction and community building!”

For this reason the Global Topspeaker Team with its Global Topspeakers offers the possibility for online and hybrid events. The online presentations thus enable the right impulses in your company, without interpersonal contact and the associated risk of infection.

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