Personal branding: New showreel by speaker Sylvie di Giusto

Portraitbild von 5 Sterne Rednerin Sylvie Di Giusto

Personal branding expert and Global Topspeaker Sylvie di Giusto has recently released her new showreel on personal branding. A topic the enthusiastic keynote speaker feels very passionate about – it’s the first impression that ultimately decides whether your potential customers will want to do business with you or not. According to the top-notch personal branding expert Sylvie di Giusto, your clients make the most fundamental decisions about you right within the first 7 seconds of meeting you - based on your appearance, your behaviour and your communication.

In her inspiring and entertaining presentations, the engaging Global Topspeaker with a multi-cultural background explains to her audiences how important this first impression is and what considerable impact it has – not only on the decision-making processes of potential customers but on personal careers as well.

Having influenced the career paths of CEOs and young executives alike, the highly experienced Global Topspeaker Sylvie di Giusto who used to hold senior positions in the human resources departments of companies ranging from 10 to 100,000 employees definitely knows what she’s talking about when she says in her new video: “It’s not your boss. It’s not your company. It’s you! You are the CEO of your career! You are your best marketing machine!”

For more information and a better idea on what Sylvie id Giusto can do for you, your image and your career, watch her new video here.

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