Tim Cole talking about digitisation on Austrian TV

Presenter of economy and technology events: Time Cole

In Austria as well, digitisation and the expansion of the internet are topics that are currently being discussed in business and politics. During an event organised by the Upper Austrian business agency "BizUp" in Linz, a press conference was held on this issue. On this occasion, representatives of the Provincial Government of Upper Austria made it clear: The expansion of the internet has top priority - in particular in rural areas. In addition to the funds made available by the Federal Government, Upper Austria will therefore provide an additional 100 million Euros by the coming year. One of the speakers on the podium of the press conference broadcasted by the ORF, an Austrian TV channel, was Global Topspeaker and bestseller author Tim Cole. He presented his theses on digitisation which were very well received by the Provincial Government.

The Global Topspeaker pointed out that despite of all the efforts to promote digitisation, rethinking is needed. „It cannot be that nowadays a large number of bosses still have their secretaries print out emails for them to read. This is digital stone age”, Cole told the press. In his internationally acclaimed presentations, digital transformation is also one of the main topics of the online publicist and IT expert. In his opinion, Austria as well as Germany still mostly lag behind in the „Wild West“ of the digital age.

In a practical way, Tim Cole explains why the new technologies are not an end in themselves. It’s about making use of the advantages and effects of technological innovations in numerous ways, after all. „It’s my goal to make complex technical and economic contexts understandable for everyone and to give inspiring tips on how to implement them in our everyday working and business life“, says journalist Cole with regard to digitisation. Apart from Tim Cole, the Global Topspeakers Agency also arranges for many more inspiring lecturers to speak for companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all over the world.

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