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Resilience protects, resilience encourages: Richard de Hoop talks at Rednernacht in Cologne

Resilience is his key topic and he will be giving his audience at the Rednernacht in Cologne, on Saturday August 24th, an understanding of resilience in his own, remarkable and emotional manner: Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop’s lecture on the topic “Resilience: Your turbo, your airbag” shows, how working on your individual resistance protects you from setbacks and gives new will to live and drive.

Richard de Hoop himself knows how hard life can be at certain points and that giving up should not be an option. He especially focuses on trust, motivation, zest for life and drive.

The CSP Keynote-Speaker Richard de Hoop exemplifies in an authentic way and with a lot of passion what he conveys in his lectures.

At the Rednernacht of Gedankentanken at the Kölner Volksbühne Richard de Hoop will demonstrate his love to life, to people and to music with great passion and emotionality.

The Rednernacht on August 24th is already sold out.