Google’s quantum processor „Sycamore” makes headlines

At first it was a leak, now it’s an official statement: In a report published on the 30th of October, Google announced a significant breakthrough with its quantum processor “Sycamore”. With the help of “Sycamore” it is possible to complete an invoice in 200 seconds, for which the fastest computer in the world, the “IBM Summit”, would need 10.000 years.

Futurologist have been dealing with quantum computers for decades, but now the applications are becoming more and more realistic. The great interest stems from the great potential of quantum computers when the unfold their potential for research and solve major unsolved problems. Also, futurologist and Keynote Speaker at the speakers agency 5 Sterne Redner Kai Gondlach has been dealing with he topic of quantum computers for many years. In his latest blog he gives detailed information about quantum computers and the problems they could solve. These include areas such as health, energy and the environment.

The futurologist also points out that the best technology will not help mankind if the social systems do not play along. “We therefore need both in order to save humanity: The courageous use of truly innovative technologies and courageous decision-makers. Quantum computers will not solve all of mankind’s problems overnight – but perhaps they can help to make the seemingly unsolvable issues of today manageable.”

Kai Gondlach raises the crucial questions for the future and seeks the answers with innovation decision-makers. The futurologist incorporates these approaches into his informative and forward-looking lectures and inspires with scientific facts and visionary thinking. In lectures such as “How we live and work in the future” and “How artificial intelligence changes our future”, futurologist Kai Gondlach encourages the audience to reflect and discuss. As an experiences Keynote Speaker, Kai Gondlach raises new questions about our future, gives an outlook on developments in the next decade and shows how the future will enrich our world.