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Expert for communication releases an e-book about saying-no

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It is often the case that we say “yes”, but secretly want to say “no”. Instead of expressing our true opinions and wishes we tend to hum and haw. Global Topspeaker and expert for communication and leadership Stefanie Voss thematises this topic in her recently released e-book. In “So werden Sie zum wertschätzenden Nein-Sager” (How to become a respectful nay-sayer) the former top-manger names 17 situation in which we would like to say no and gives tips how to say no - being honest and at eye level.

Stefanie Voss focuses especially on the fact that calling something off doesn’t have to be stubborn or means repelling someone. In her opinion saying no – in work and private life- is a key skill of successful people. Those people are able to prioritize while being respectful. This means: Saying “yes” in situations when you truly mean it and saying “no” when it is necessary. Thereby situations which overextend, eat away time and cause energy-sapping stress are avoided.

Respectfully saying no is also one part of the Global Topspeakers communication-trainings, career counselling’s and business-coaching’s. How a general answer could look like, explains the communication expert like that:

  • Part1 – Saying thank you: “Thanks for asking me…”
  • Part2 – Saying No: “… but no, I can’t help you at the moment…”
  • Part3 – Assuring addressability: “… but you can ask any time again.”

In her e-book she dives in deeper into the topic and gives practical tips for different situations in everyday life. “So werden Sie zum wertschätzenden Nein-Sager” (How to become a respectful nay-sayer) is available for free download on Stefanie Voss’s blog www.leader-on-my-ship.com .