Profile with new focus: Steve Kroeger as a successful entrepreneur

Motivationstrainer Steve Kroeger.

Steve Kroeger became famous for climbing the seven highest peaks of the world. Based on that, he developed a successful business and positioned himself as a renowned and influential entrepreneurship brand. The new profile of the fascinating Global Topspeaker therefore mainly focuses on his extensive activities as an entrepreneur, business angel and founder of a start-up. For as such, Steve Kroeger is extremely successful by now.

Apart from that, Steve Kroeger is gradually setting up his own group of companies at present. Under the project name „7 SUMMITS entrepreneurs“, he has great plans to this end. Within the next seven years, he will establish seven start-ups and successfully position them in the market.

Each firm within Steve Kroeger’s group of companies will have its own managing director as knowledge carrier and will cover an essential service sector for a successful business – from a personal branding agency to an event agency up to accounting and sales. In short, Steve Kroeger will deliver a comprehensive package that is useful to every enterprise.

As an entrepreneur, the experienced lecturer and keynote speaker Steve Kroeger thus successfully realises what he also conveys in his 7 Summits Strategy: Achieve ambitious goals with ease. Thanks to the new profile, Steve Kroeger’s particular approach as well as his wide-ranging business skills are now taking centre stage at Global Topspeakers.

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