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New trend analysis from 2b AHEAD: The future of work

Futurology deals with a wide range of topics from mobility and food to the politics of the future. However, the subject area “The future of work” is most in demand. Because the changes in the working world are enormous, the times of mass unemployment a relict of the past and the mostly fear-driven discussions revolve around conflicting topics such as the lack of skilled workers and the fear of losing one’s job. Sven Gabor Janszky, futurologist and chairman of the “2b AHEAD ThinkTank”, addresses this ambivalence in his latest trend analysis “The future of work: strategies for a world of full employment”.

The best-known futurologist in Germany emphasizes that digitalisation is a basic prerequisite for the functioning of society and the economy of the future. Without digitalisation and automation, many sectors of the economy will fall into the trap of skilled workers. In addition to technological progress, the trend researcher is also calling for social innovations in nursing, crafts and services in rural areas.

But what does the working world of the future look like? In his trend analysis, futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky deals with caring companies, talks about the design of new work and human support through robots, bots and digitals assistants. In addition, the futurologist draws a positive picture of the future in which man and machine are colleagues and not competitors. Because humans will play out their strengths if a situation contains new and unforeseen elements or errors in the technology occur. “The answer for the year 2030 is relatively simple: it is not confrontation or opposition that is called for, but clever firms of cooperation in which both can play out their strengths and the human being nevertheless clearly defines and implements his role as a subject,” says the futurologist and Keynote Speaker Sven Gabor Janszky.

The new trend analysis of the futurologist “The future of work: strategies for a world of full employment” can be downloaded for free here.