Image expert Sylvie di Giusto gives fresh impetus to her profile

Portraitbild von 5 Sterne Rednerin Sylvie Di Giusto

Global Topspeaker and Executive Branding expert Sylvie di Giusto is one of the most sought-after international image consultants. Recently, the renowned expert has given her profile a new focus. More than ever, she now concentrates on „Executive Image Consulting“ and the „Professional Branding“ associated with it. And more comprehensively than before, she includes the extensive experience she has gained in her numerous executive positions in Human Resources over the years.

Sylvie di Giusto’s expertise is in great demand when it comes to the “repositioning” of people as employees in particular in customer facing roles. The Global Topspeaker assists executives, politicians and celebrities in companies and organisations in defining their new image and helps them to implement it, so that they can develop their full career potential. In doing so, she turns people into a unique brand and leaves her own professional footprint.

The advice of the well-known keynote speaker is also coveted by the international and national media such as the Forbes Magazine, the Time Magazine or the Daily Mail. One of her tips is: „Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.“ In her motivating and entertaining presentations, Sylvie di Giusto encourages her audience to look at their own image from a different perspective. In a lively manner, she also makes it crystal clear how critically important image and reputation are for a successful career.

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