When do you need a speaker? 10 great occasions for a lecture

Der Zukunftsforscher Sven Gabor Janszky hält einen Vortrab bei bofrost.

A good lecture helps to ensure that an event stays in mind and leaves a lasting impression. In this respect, the speakers of the Global Topspeakers Agency are a true asset for a large variety of events since they are versatile and always adapt their presentations to the respective occasion and audience. No matter whether employees, customers, sales partners, executives or guests - the speakers convey information in an entertaining manner and provide inspiration on a wide range of topics. For the ten occasions listed below, a fascinating speaker therefore is a real gain.

  • Staff meetings: Meetings for executives, managers or other groups of employees, for instance from marketing or sales, are perfect to learn something new together by way of a lecture - such as successful business strategies, for example. During the kick-off meeting for a new project, a speaker may, for instance, also stir the required motivation in all involved.
  • Trade fairs: At trade fairs, usually one booth follows the next. In order to stick out and attract additional attention, you can lure the fairgoers to your own booth by providing a lecture. Or you might want to enhance the social programme with one.
  • Balance sheet presentations: Usually, such presentations are a rather dull affair and nothing but the disclosure of a string of figures. If you want to liven up the event, however, you may want to arrange for a speaker. The future experts in the Global Topspeakers Team like Sven Gabor Janszky, for instance, give a fascinating outlook on what changes the respective industries will have to face in the coming years – and how this may affect the balance sheets.
  • Conferences and conventions: These are the typical occasions where one or even several speakers could make an event more interesting and varied. As the organiser of an event, you can score with experts well versed in the topic of the conference or the convention as they will always be up-to-date and have amazing insider knowledge.
  • Customer events: Finding new customers, binding old ones – in many companies, this is one of the most important goals. If you create your own event for them, you can, for instance, make them laugh with a well-known comedy speaker.
  • Product launches: If a company launches a new product on the market, this novelty, of course, requires an appropriate setting. For this occasion as well, a speaker is the right choice. Just think about the keynotes by Apple, which you by now can live stream all over the world.
  • Annual meetings or anniversaries: Whether once a year or on a special anniversary – if you present your company on such an occasion, you usually celebrate in a big way and with many, varied guests. With general topics for the presentation, such as motivation or communication, however, everybody can benefit - in particular, if presented in the entertaining and fascinating way the Global Topspeakers do it.
  • Inaugurations and openings: When opening a new shop or inaugurating new business premises, you want this moment in the company’s history to become unforgettable, of course. And you will achieve this goal with a well-known speaker who captivates your guests with his rhetorical skills.
  • Meetings of associations: In your role as chairman of an association or a club, one of your tasks is to plan meetings for all members at regular intervals. By way of an exciting keynote, you may thank them for their voluntary work and their commitment – and maybe have the appropriate speaker motivate them to continue their support at the same time, too.
  • Working breakfasts: With an interesting speaker, you may take along much more than just some business cards of new contacts. In this context, a global Topspeaker may, for instance, explain how to successfully make use of such networking events for one’s own career.

At Global Topspeakers, you will find the right speaker for any occasion and any topic as the renowned speaker’s agency provides a fascinating selection of the best speakers in all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland – from presentations on team building and leadership to communication, motivation and innovation up to sports and comedy. Here, you will get comprehensive advice, if you are planning an event and are still looking for an experienced keynote speaker.

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