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Event organisation: 6 tips for a successful event

For more than 10 years, Global Topspeaker mediates speakers, moderators and trainers and has gained a lot of experience around events and has successfully co-organized numerous events. Therefore, we are often asked: What is important when planning trade fairs, congresses, and corporate events? That is why the Global Topspeaker team has put together six personal tips to help you plan your event perfectly.

When should event planning start? Here the rule is: As early as possible! However, it should be at least three months in advance. For a large event, Global Topspeaker recommend a lead time of one year. How do I find the right setting for my target group? First determine the main theme for your event! Then determine the appropriate location, find a good speaker and the right topic. For example, if you choose the topic of motivation and team cohesion, you could do this on a lake with one of our professional sailors. Or you could bring the topic of decision-making closer to your guests – in a football stadium with a Bundesliga referee. The tendency towards rather arbitrary searches via the internet is increasing strongly, but of course this does not replace the personal advice of an agency that knows its speakers and the related topics.

What budget do I need to plan for a good speaker? The fees for experienced speakers start around 2,500 Euro for a 60-minute presentation plus travel expenses and VAT. For presentations on unusual topics, the fees can rise up to 5,000 Euros. Prominent speakers with a high profile receive up to 10,000 Euros. Top of the list of fees are celebrities from show business or politics, such as former German Chancellors – who also like to call in over 50,000 Euros.

When does a lecture during my event make sense? There are three ideal times for a lecture during your event: At the start, to get into the right mood for the topic, after lunch to give your guests the opportunity to overcome the midday lull with a combination of knowledge and entertainment, or as an eventing program item. A lecture in the evening is ideal to follow a discussion round. Another tip for this: Professional speakers usually have a very high presentation quality. Therefore, subsequent speakers who are not speakers by profession may find it difficult to pick up the audience. A longer break or a workshop between two presentations is therefore ideal.

How much time do I have to plan for a good presentation? The recommendation of Global Topspeakers is about 60 minutes. Comparable to a good crime thriller: If its too long, the tension is lost – if it is too short, the content suffers. Most professional speakers have their dramaturgy developed by a director in order to incorporate corresponding highlights in their presentations and tune their presentation to the audience.

How can I make my event a special one? It is the details that make an event special. Give your guests a friendly welcome, give them a name tag and the feeling of having arrived at your place. Maybe there will be a little something on the guest’s chair to welcome them, make sure there are enough non-alcoholic drinks and adapt the table decoration to your motto. For example, if you invite a futurologist to give a lecture, why not treat your guests to gummi bears from the 3D printer in the shape of your logo? Say goodbye to your guests with a small giveaway that fits the theme of the event. A good event or speaker agency that knows your speakers will also give you exceptional tips on this.

What is behind the speakers agency Global Topspeakers? Personal service, always reliable and a guarantee for emotional moments – with Global Topspeaker, people are always in focus! Global Topspeakers has been providing mediation services for over 10 years and is therefore a guarantee for rousing and unforgettable events.

Do you have any further questions? Then our customer advisor Michael Kürzeder will be happy to advise you personally. You can reach Global Topspeakers under beratung@5-sterne-redner.de or under 09071 770 35 0.