Personal. Reliable. Emotional. With these three attributes, the new slogan of the Global Topspeakers Agency gets to the heart of what the renowned speakers agency has been standing for since its founding in 2010. Cooperation is characterised by focusing on humanity – either internally among the team’s employees or with regard to the procurement of their speakers and the support of their customers who are looking for the right speaker for their individual event. As this attitude is put into practice every day, the Global Topspeakers Agency now ranks among the top agencies in all of Europe and is present on the international speakers’ platforms.

„The personal component plays an essential role in all our services“, underlines the agency’s owner, Heinrich Kürzeder. „Apart from their expert knowledge and their skills, all our speakers also have personal stories that make them authentic and unique. As an agency, we have a close, trusting relationship with all of them that often has developed over many years. This is why we know our speakers very well and why we also know who is best suited for which event when we talk to our customers.“ Therefore, the speakers agency does not only concentrate on the specialist lecture alone but they want to fascinate and inspire. Thanks to their personality, good storytelling and a feel for the audience which is based on experience, the agency’s speakers know exactly how to reach their audience emotionally. This way, they create impressions that have a lasting effect and stay in mind.

As one of the leading service providers in speaker procurement, the Global Topspeakers Agency always gives reliable advice on event inquiries and thus guarantees the best service possible as well as unique moments. If you are interested, you may get a first impression of the various speakers online. Clearly arranged and in a user-friendly design, you can - in addition to the speaker profiles and descriptions of the lectures - also find brief video clips there that give you an authentic impression of a speaker’s stage performance.

A new image film now also reveals what the strong brand Global Topspeakers really is about. In three minutes’ time, the film shows what happens behind the scenes of or before a presentation. The short clip offers an insight into the daily business of a speakers agency – from consulting to speaker support, travel planning and public relations to the final performance. Among others, well-known speakers such as futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky, motivation coach Norman Graeter or leadership expert Stefanie Voss can be seen.

With a catchy claim, clearly arranged digital options and an informative image video, the Global Topspeakers Agency continues to expand their branch presence. This way, the agency sharpens its own profile as a competent and internationally operating service company for the procurement of speakers on topics such as communication, team building, motivation, future trends and digitisation.

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