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Archeologist Görlitz: Keynote in Oman, the land of Sinbad

When we speak about the advanced civilizations we always think on Mesopotamia, Egypt and may be still India (Harappa Culture). But is this indeed true? What about their neighbors? Where do the ancient societies got their wealth from? As an experimental archeologist, Global Topspeaker Dominique Görlitz, PhD, is ever intellectually engaged in exploring ancient cultures. Now the scientist got the invitation by the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) in Sohar to give a speech about the ABORA Project for their students on March 29th, 2017.

New investigations reveal that not only the centers but also the edges of the antique world delivered a lot of cultural achievements into the world civilization. One example is Oman: This land on the far eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula is a wonderful example for growth and culture. It was always located in the center of three advanced civilizations and possessed all conditions to become a main trading partner. We can find that it supplied huge amounts of arsenic copper, frankincense and attractive stone such as dolerite and chlorite. Accordingly it is no surprise that we also find a larger Sumerian zikkurat here as well as very ancient stone tombs similar in age as the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Sinbad the Sailor is also derived from that great nation because Oman became a land of trans-oceanic seafarer from the time memorial. In Oman there is a strong relationship to maritime trade and history. Therefore, experimental archaeologist, extreme sailor and Global Topspeaker PhD Dominique Goerlitz is pretty much interested to go deeper into the intriguing history of that nation. “I am very excited about holding a speech for this international audience”, says Görlitz. In his intriguing keynotes he explains what companies can learn from open sea expeditions about teamwork and motivation.