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Successful as a team: These Global Topspeakers will show you how

You will hardly find any job advert these days that does not require the applicant to be “ a team player”. Companies nowadays have high expectations with regard to the outcome of successful teamwork. However, teamwork by no means comes about by simply throwing together a few employees. For team building and cooperation to work, there are many more factors that are essential – factors, the Global Topspeakers Richard de Hoop and Dominik Neidhart are well aware of.

The two experienced keynote speakers take completely different approaches to convey true team spirit in their presentations, however. Whether sports or music, each of them speaks from his own perspective and thus manages to establish a remarkable transfer to the business world. The successful entrepreneur and motivational coach Richard de Hoop, for instance, compares a team to an orchestra with lots of instruments. Each of the instruments has its specific characteristics and playing together in harmony can therefore only work if all the musicians are aware of their respective roles and pay attention to the entry of others. With his passion for music, Richard de Hoop thus succeeds in illustrating the individual characters in a successful team and in providing lasting impetus for showing more consideration when dealing with colleagues.

In his presentations on team excellence, Dominik Neidhart takes the saying „We are all in the same boat“ quite literally. The successful sailor and winner of the famous „Americas Cup“ does not only give his lectures in seminar and conference rooms but also offers a sailing event aboard a racing yacht as well. On his sailing trips, Neidhart regularly experiences teamwork in the extreme. For in confined spaces and with an international team, trust and heading towards the common goal are in high demand. Those who do not pull their weight or make a mistake, risk the failure of all on board. Those who pitch in, on the other hand, can accomplish great achievements together.

The renowned Speakers Agency Global Topspeakers represents both, Richard de Hoop and Dominik Neidhart. So, should you be interested in a presentation by one of these experts on teamwork, the Global Topspeakers staff will be pleased to assist and advise you. For additional speakers on the topics Team, Leadership and Team Building, please see our website.