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Best ager expert Alexander Wild about senior citizens as consumers

For Europe’s economy, the consumer behaviour of the 50+ generation is of significant importance. It represents a lot of purchasing power, after all. A purchasing power that -due to the demographic change - will even rise in the years to come. But what is this age group spending their money for? This is exactly what the “2016 barometer of consumption – Europe” will tell us. In a transnational study, the Commerz Finanz GmbH in cooperation with the market research company BIPE has determined what is important to senior citizens when shopping. Keynote Speaker Alexander Wild was brought in as the competent expert for senior marketing. After all, hardly anybody knows the desires and habits of the best agers better than the renowned Global Topspeaker. With his feierabend.de website, the internet pioneer and entrepreneur founded Germany‘s largest and most successful online community for the older generation. 

Alexander Wild is keenly aware of the increasing market power of the 50+ generation. In his hands-on presentations, the speaker demonstrates the future development of this market power by means of surprising analyses. The barometer of consumption has also produced that senior citizens have a lot of time at their disposal for leisure activities, hobbies and travel. Accordingly, more than 50 per cent of the people questioned invest their money precisely in these sectors. Apart from that, many senior citizens (47 per cent) plan to renovate their own homes, rebuild or buy new furniture. When doing so, the best agers are particularly interested in quality – and are also prepared to pay a certain price for it.

About a third of the European population currently belongs to the 50+ generation. For the barometer of consumption, a total of 10,500 of them from thirteen different countries were questioned about their consumption and purchasing behaviour in an online questionnaire – with amazing results. Despite their age, Europe’s senior citizens are active, fit and keep up with the digital age.

Sports and outdoor walks are among their regular leisure activities. More than 40 per cent of the interviewees do sports at least once a week. And with regard to technical developments, the 50+ generation keeps fit as well: more than 40 per cent, here too, book their trips and buy their fun products online and 50-some per cent intend to spend money on digital devices within the next months. In Germany in particular, online shopping is highly popular.

„In Germany, online shopping no longer is a question of age“, knows Alexander Wild. As an expert on marketing for senior citizens, the experienced speaker and chairman of the online community feierabend.de is also highly successful in advising companies on how to recognize the “best agers” as a target group and to aim their advertising at them. Alexander Wild comments on the results of the barometer of consumption as follows: „Clothes, books, leisure products – when it comes to ordering by the simple click of a mouse, Germany’s 50-somes are in the lead in Europe: in particular, as these new purchasing routines tie in with the long tradition of mail-order shopping in Germany.” In case of larger investments, however, this age group prefers to seek professional advice in local stores.