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Tips on event management: How to make an event a success

In his capacity as the owner of the German speaker’s agency Global Topspeakers, Heinrich Kuerzeder has already organised many extraordinary events. Thanks to his expertise of over 20 years in event management and in the procurement of fascinating speakers, he is in the position to provide his clients with unforgettable moments. And therefore, he can also give helpful tips and is well aware of the crucial factors that are so important when it comes to planning an event – no matter whether trade fairs, conferences or company events.

The most crucial thing in this context is to allow enough time to prepare the event, i.e. at least three months. „The proper timing depends on the size of the group and is subject to whether you plan a workshop with 15 participants or an event with more than 3,000 guests”, explains Heinrich Kuerzeder from the professional speaker’s agency. In case of such well-attended events, you should already start organising one year ahead of time.

In fact, sought-after locations are often booked out long in advance. According to Kuerzeder, a special venue is of particular importance, however, and should be in line with the nature of the event. The presentation on team building by a professional sailor such as Dominik Neidhart, for instance, could then take place at a lake or the seminar on rhetoric by a communication expert such as Winfried Buerzle could be held in a historic theatre. In this context, the employees of a speaker’s agency are equally important contacts and provide extraordinary ideas.

Often, it’s the little things that make a guest or participant feel comfortable at an event and ensure that the event stays in their minds. Details such as clear signage on site, attentive service and small welcome gifts for the guests being only some them. „If you, for example invite a futurologist to give a lecture, why not entertain your guests with gummy bears in the shape of your logo that are produced by a 3D printer”, Heinrich Kuerzeder offers as an impressive example.

When planning an event, it is always important to keep an eye on the budget and the course of the event as well. You may be able to hire a good keynote speaker for your event starting from 2,500 Euro. If you want to go for a prominent speaker, you would have to dig deeper into your pocket: The fees of well-known speakers may amount to 10,000 Euros and in case of famous politicians or celebrities, the figures may even go up to more than 50,000 Euros. Travel expenses and VAT are always on top of that. With regard to the course of the event, Heinrich Kuerzeder recommends having the presentation either right at the beginning, as an opening and to engage the audience, or to combine it with a lunch or dinner. From experience, the owner of the Global Topspeakers agency knows that an inspiring presentation takes about an hour’s time and compares it to a good thriller: „Too long and the suspense falls flat – too short and the content suffers.”

When planning an event, you usually have to think of and decide a great many things. Good speaker’s agencies and event planners can take some of the organisational work off your hands, however. Not only do they bring in their expertise but they also know the speakers very well. In a personal meeting, they will advise you comprehensively and find individual solutions that make every event a special event.