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Circumnavigator Stefanie Voss encourages to become more self-confident

Leadership expert and Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss sailed around the world – during this long and strenuous voyage, she learned what it means to leave one’s comfort zone. Because it is not the wind direction but our actions that decide whether the ship stays on course or will drift off. This experience has also helped the keynote speaker during her time as a manager in a DAX corporation: Leadership means self-guidance and responsibility.

Speaker Stefanie Voss knows: Even she, being very experienced in her field, makes mistakes repeatedly – just like any other human being. However, the deciding factor is getting yourself out of it again. And she is convinced that everybody can do as she did. Stefanie Voss encourages people to take the helm into their own hands. She says: „Trust yourself more and don’t make yourself small!“

In difficult situations, Stefanie Voss consults her inner compass. When she has to make a complex decision, this inner voice helps her to sort out her feelings and thoughts. It makes clear what can be changed and what needs to be accepted. Basically, the inner compass is a well conducted dialogue between head, gut and heart. This inner dialogue is of great importance as it provides the confidence necessary to successfully try new ways.

Everybody wishes for inner stability and strength. But instead of listening to and encouraging ourselves, we inwardly call ourselves an idiot if something does not work out as planned. Many people are not even aware of the negative impact of their own thoughts.

In order to enable us to communicate more consciously with ourselves, Stefanie Voss has developed a new coaching format. In „Creative Journaling“, participants are taught to simultaneously reflect on their thoughts and inner dialogues in a creative and structured manner and to comprehensively document the results.

Each coaching assignment is processed in the form of a creative task with high-quality art materials and in a sketch book. Thus, the participants in the coaching develop aplomb in what they do and gain clarity on where the journey should take them. The Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss is sure: with conscious self-reflection, everybody can take their life into their own hands and sail towards success.