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Global Topspeakers inspire worldwide on TEDx stages

Global Topspeakers are on the stages of the world, in corporations, banks and companies. Some of them also make their way to the well-known stages of TEDx Talks worldwide. On the TED website, lectures from TED conferences are published almost daily. These lectures share the idea “Ideas worth spreading”.

Since 2009, TED has enabled independent organisations to organise their own conferences under the name TEDx. The events always appear in a coherent image, whether TEDxVienna, TEDxBerlin or TEDxMunich. The TEDx organisation is primarily aimed at schools, universities, libraries, but also at the general public.

One of the Global Topspeakers who has already been on stage in TEDx format is change expert Ilja Grzeskowitz. With his lecture “Let’s talk about Change, Baby!” he talks about his field of expertise Change and shows what he learned from Cameron Diaz in terms of motivations and that you only stay on track if you change.

What can you learn from a memory trainer, brain researcher and “Deutschlands Superhirn”? Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad shows this in his two informative and instructive TEDxTalks. How the right memory technique improves education and how the memory of a memory world champion works was demonstrated by the Global Topspeaker in the Netherlands.

Fitting to the start of his second 7 CONTINENTS stage, the TEDxTalk of the endurance runner and Global Topspeaker Norman Bücher reveals why he is running through 70 countries.

The topic of the future is also not neglected int the TEDx playlist of Global Topspeakers: The futurologists Michael Carl and Kai Gondlach talk about the future being a good thing and how citied will adapt in the future.

Enclosed you will find a list of Global Topspeakers who have already inspired on various TEDx stages:

  • Richard de Hoop
  • Stefanie Voss
  • Stefan Jenzowsky
  • Tobias Sudhoff
  • Max Finzel
  • Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert
  • Tim Cole
  • Tina Thörner