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Gender at work: How diversity empowers companies

The replacement of the EU-parliament shows how important the gender issue is. There is the suggestion to fill half the seats with female and the other half with male politicians. So far only one third of the seats are filled by women. Global Topspeaker and gender-expert Stefanie Voss emphasizes the importance of diverse teams. In her lectures she also shows how to avoid misconceptions in the communication between men and women. The two different behavioural patterns on one hand complement each other, on the other hand hold the potential for conflict.

Communication is also important and a gender issue for management behaviour. Stefanie Voss was one of the few women in male dominated managerial levels of big DAX-companies. Today she encourages women as a diversity expert to use their personal strengths in leading positions. In her lectures she points out the differences between male and female management and leadership. She also shows why diverse teams are more successful and why HR should be more aware of that.

Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss is a strong humorous woman, which takes a definite position in the gender debate. She supports companies to decrease prejudices and build successful, diverse teams.