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Global Topspeakers welcomes new members to the family

Thanks to the cooperation with the Dutch speakers’ agency Assemblee, the team at Global Topspeakers is now in the position to welcome five outstanding and highly motivated new lecturers to the ever growing family of Global Topspeakers. The new team members will not only bring in an abundance of interesting topics and exciting keynotes but also a wealth of experience, charisma and entertainment.

The Belgian keynote speaker, certified de Bono trainer and Buzan licensed instructor in mind-mapping Karl Raats, for instance, specialises in creative thinking, innovation and change. His ultimate goal is to unlock the creative potential of people - and in his presentations, he succeeds time and again in achieving this goal. His hands-on approach, his experience as well as his unconventional methods make him a sought-after speaker in many industries.

New Global Topspeaker Brian Farley, a US-American baseball coach who led the Dutch national team to the world championship in 2011, is an expert on winning, teamwork, values and beliefs. In his passionate and inspirational keynotes and workshops, the highly committed speaker explains what makes individuals and teams successful and how companies can benefit from effective and result-oriented employees.

Should you ever wish to liven it up a bit in between some serious business, Global Topspeaker Dirk Denoyelle is your man. The multi-lingual Belgian comedian with a master’s degree in electronics engineering not only is extremely funny but also knows how to use his amazing skills as a voice imitator, singer and entertainer to get your message across.

Who could tell you more about leadership, strategy and motivation but a former Chief of Defense? After serving his country, the Netherlands, in various capacities and many foreign countries, Peter van Uhm now is passing on his knowledge and expertise in highly interesting keynotes and lectures. The excellent speaker knows how to inspire and motivate people and will do so with your audience as well.

Economist and entrepreneur Steven van Belleghem is an expert on digitisation, customer relationship and marketing as well as a part-time marketing professor at Vlerick Business School in Belgium. In his presentations, the Global Topspeaker and award-winning author of books such as “The Conversation Manager” and “When Digital Becomes Human” takes his audience on an inspiring journey into the world of digitisation and provides amazing insights into modern customer relationship.